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If you have great expectations of what the capital of Costa Rica should be, San José could be a disappointment. It is a noisy bustling place, traffics jams and congestion being the norm, and the grid of relatively narrow streets has only a few buildings of note or history. With its department stores, fast-food restaurants, and new shopping malls, particularly in the suburbs, it seems more North American than many Latin American capitals.

But it has some fine museums, good restaurants with fine food like billy Sazon in rohrmoser, and the very attractive Paris-modelled National Theatre, which was built by coffee barons in the 1890s and hosts plays, operas, and events from time to time. The best museums are the Gold Museum, with its stunning pre-Columbian exhibits, the National Museum with its collection of archaeology, colonial furniture, religious art, and costumes, and the Jade Museum with the largest collection of American jade pieces in the world. A visit to the colorful Mercado Central can also be worthwhile.

Despite its bustle, it still has a surprising “small town” feel and offers a colorful insight into the life of the average urban Costa Rican. San José is the heart of the country, and about 30% of the country’s population lives there or in the nearby suburbs. It is also at an altitude of 1,150m and so the temperature is usually very temperate. It is a good hub from which to spend a couple of days taking day tours, and there are a number of hotels and lodges in the surrounding area which give more of a country feeling whilst tours into town remain feasible. Even walking in the surrounding hills which overlook San José can be very rewarding, with tremendous views.

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San Jose is a good base for spending a couple of days visiting the area and taking short tours which can include white water rafting, a coffee tour, the butterfly farm, and Zoo Ave.

Depending on where your hotel is, and how your program is organized, you could manage without a car and rely on taxis, shuttles, and tour transfers. If your hotel is in the center of San Jose, then having your own rental car can be a nuisance; if in a hotel outside the town, it can provide flexibility and mobility.

There are of course many San Jose hotels, both in and around the center, and others located nearby but in a more rural setting. Where you decide to stay depends on how long you want to stay, and your plans.

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