Private Shuttle to the Central Pacific Side

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Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast is a tropical playground, year-round. Its evergreen forests and sandy beaches provide a unique setting.

The Central Pacific region is a distinct geographical region, a thin, virtually ruler-straight coastal plain narrowing to the southeast and backed by steep-sided mountains. The coastal is lined by long gray-sand beaches.

There are marked wet and dry seasons along the Pacific coast. The rain season is from May to November and then the dry season start on December for the following months.

The region is a transition zone between the tropical dry forest of the north pacific and the wet forests of the nearby south pacific coast. Temperatures average about 30 C (86 F) in the dry season (Dec-Apr), slightly lower in the rain season. Despite the fact that the region’s protected areas are among the smallest in the country, they are vibrant habitats alive with an amazing variety of flora and fauna. These pristine green zones provide sanctuary for many endangered species. The two most well – know areas, Carara Biological Reserve and Manuel Antonio National Park, are readily accessible natural laboratories that nature lovers will enjoy immensely.

There is a lot to do along this part of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, and not all of it has to do with beaches and water. The rivers and mountains behind the beaches hold a wealth of activities for the adventurous traveler.

Major attractions: Beaches (Herradura, Jacó, Punta Leona, Tambor, Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas and much more), Carara Biological Reserve, Iguana Park, Canopy Tour, Manuel Antonio National Park.

Activities are available: Surfing, Hiking, Bird watching, Horseback riding, Pacific Island Cruises, Rafting, Sportfishing, Snorkeling, Kayaking & boat tours, jet skiing, parasailing.

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