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Tours and Activities in Costa Rica

The amazing biodiversity of Costa Rica Tours is explained, especially, by its privileged geographic and climatic, typical conditions of the Central American isthmus.

If you are looking for tours we have from ecotourism, surfing, diving, fishing, rafting, canopy to bird watching, horseback riding, aerial tram, mountain biking and a wide variety of other adventure tours. We also offer a broad variety of national parks and biological reserves for those interested in the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Nativa also offers tours such as bungee jumping, canyoning, mountain hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, golf, and so many others, here in Costa Rica.

Our honeymoon specials or romantic getaways will also complement your romantic trip for an unforgettable journey. It’s your choice, whether you want to have a peaceful stay or a full packed adventure. Today you can be bungee jumping, tomorrow scuba diving, your imagination it’s the limit.

The country has more than 850 species of birds, 209 species of mammals, 163 species of amphibians and around 13,000 varieties of plants. It is necessary to add 1500 trees and1400 orquídeas, like the “Guaria Morada ” the national flower. If to the fauna and flora we also added the insects the number reaches the six digits. That represents around 6% of the world’s biodiversity.

Their habitats are protected by zones that distribute between several biological reserves and about thirty national parks. Costa Rica National Parks occupy 16 percent of the total territory of the country, and another 11 percent occupies zones of indigenous patrimony. The development of environmental policies on the part of the authorities of government and diverse private organizations has allowed the promotion of the Ecotourism.

The animal observation in its savage, as if you were within a natural laboratory, is an instructive and extremely interesting experience. We learn to respect their style of life, its habits and, mainly, the strategic paper that they occupy in the link or biological chain, where nobody surplus nor nobody lack including, humans. Between the most important sites in Costa Rica tours activity, they emphasize Tortuguero, Great Beach, Ostional and Santa Rosa.

Costa Rica tours constitute a destiny of great interest for people who please of history and natural sciences: biologists and students of other disciplines related to the subject.

Our Costa Rica tours have all the necessary permits required by the government of Costa Rica. We also have transportation for all the tours we offer. Costa Rica Tours have plenty of up to date equipment and well-trained guides that are capable of realizing all the tours that are offered.

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