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Once a bustling port town, Puntarenas had seen a decline in the economy the previous decade. But in recent years there has been a vast improvement and the town is once again flourishing and tourism is here to stay. Today, it is the port of call for the cruise lines and where you can participate in many of the onshore activities, dine at open-air cafes serving exceptional seafood or catch a ferry to the Nicoya Peninsula, home to nature reserves and refuges. Just south of Puntarenas is the bustling beach town of Jaco.

The spectacular area of Puntarenas is one of the most beautiful and natural treasures of Costa Rica. Located very close to the Central Valley and just two hours away from the Costa Rica capital, Puntarenas City’s location is perfect for stopovers and excursions. With the combination of the sun and the beach, this city offers a wide range of attractions for tourists on their Costa Rica vacation. There are many things to do in Costa Rica.

You will find all the comforts in Costa Rica hotels and cabins that are available near the sea while you tour the beautiful town of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Exploring Puntarenas will help develop a close relationship with the natural beauty of this exotic city in Costa Rica.

There are abundant tourist attractions available such as horseback riding, hiking, recreational cycling, adventure tours, architectural and historical sites, bird watching, photography, sport-fishing, and many cultural activities. Image Mentours is a photography tour that will help you take snapshots of the most endangered species in the rainforest.

The seafood in Puntarenas is extremely tasty, especially along the coastal areas. The seafood is freshly caught by local fishermen. Enjoy a delightful meal of crabs, fish, or lobster. There are also a variety of restaurants that serve everything from pizza and burgers to local delicacies.

Relax and enjoy Costa Rica’s Central Pacific’s largest city, Puntarenas. Reserve an adventure with

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