Puerto Limon Activities

Puerto-Limon Activities

Taking the Guapiles Highway will lead you to one of the oldest cities in South America— Puerto Limon. Puerto Limon was established in 1502 when Christopher Columbus landed during his exploration of the New World. It’s an old city, but the Puerto Limon activities and the Costa Rica Puerto Limon tours keep things new and exciting. During your drive, you will pass the Braulio Carrillo National Park and the Brava Volcano. The drive lasts around two and a half hours. However, the spectacular beauty and sights you will see are a real treat as you make your way to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

Be prepared for some unusual surprises during your stay in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. Puerto Limon is very different from the other cities in Costa Rica. You will see a heavy influence by the Afro-Caribbean culture because most of the residents in Puerto Limon are of Caribbean descent. You will be delighted with their own language and dialect. There is a lot of things to do in Costa Rica.

Puerto Limon is the main city for cruise ships traveling through the Panama Canal in South America. The ships dock downtown right in the heart of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica so the walk into town is just a couple of blocks away. Costa Rica, Puerto Limon tours provide many different activities while touring this great city.

Puerto Limon’s Tortuguero Canal Take a panga up the Tortuguero Canal to enjoy the wildlife and coastal scenes in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. During a Puerto Limon excursion unusual birds, cayman, bats, water plants, and sometimes, sloths can be spotted. The canal connects several rivers and parallels the coastline from just north of Puerto Limon all the way to the Nicaraguan border some 200 kilometers to the north. Don’t miss the unique experience on the Tortuguero Canal in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

Puerto Limon Rafting One thrilling Puerto Limon activity is White water rafting on the Reventazon River. Everyone will enjoy the excellent class III rafting.

The Green Train The Green train is a narrow-gauge railroad that operates between Puerto Limon and the village of Bananito where local crafts are available. Puerto Limon offers this option of travel.

Puerto Limon’s Playa Bonita Another Puerto Limon activity is to spend the day relaxing at a beautiful beach at Playa Bonita Beach some 4 kilometers from downtown Puerto Limon. There are a restaurant and bar here, as well as a small shopping area.

The “Crazy Monkey Canopy Ride” There are several great areas of interest. To the south of Puerto Limon lies The Almonds and Coral Lodge. They offer an active way to visit the rain forest called the “Wild Monkey Canopy Ride” This unique experience is for those that want an active way to visit the rain forest canopy.

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica tours provide wonderful times to share with friends and family.

Costa Rica Vacations (North Caribbean Coast)

When taking a Costa Rica trip to this region it is like entering a different world. Relatively remote and undiscovered, the pace of life is much slower. Featuring a rich and diverse coastline, the North Caribbean region of Costa Rica is especially appreciated by nature lovers who enjoy the diverse marine and wildlife.

Located inside the Limon Province, this area is beautifully secluded with dense forestation, meandering rivers, and gorgeous lagoons. Costa Rica tours include viewing some of the country’s most exotic wildlife and flora. The region is also the nesting grounds of four of the eight species of sea turtle in the world.

If fishing is part of your Costa Rica travel plans, you may be interested to know that huge schools of Atlantic tarpon (average 80 pounds) and snook are landed in the rivers and just off the Caribbean shore. In fact, the canals and rivers of the northern Caribbean coast boast some of the best snook and tarpon fishing in the world, and they are lined with lush rain forests, adding to the natural experience. Houseboats are popular here with anglers on Costa Rica holidays.

The North Caribbean Coast is mainly made up of two national parks. The Refugio Barra del Colorado expands along Costa Rica’s northern border with Nicaragua. The Parque Nacional Tortuguero lies south of the Barra del Colorado Refuge. Access to these areas usually includes a boat tour leaving from Puerto Limon. The boat ride is a wonderful wildlife experience allowing you to spot a number of birds and animals along the way. You also have the option of flying to these parks – both have their own small airports.

Barra del Colorado

This Costa Rica refuge, Refugio Barra del Colorado in Spanish, is made up of wetlands and rainforests that provide habitat to many of the country’s indigenous flora and fauna. With its many rivers, creeks, and lagoons, this refuge is also a fantastic place to fish, making it one of the best sport fishing destinations in inland Costa Rica. Snook, snapper, mackerel, and tarpon are the main sport fish caught around here.

The best time to visit the refuge is from February to April when the weather is dry and one can spot toucans, caimans, monkeys, frogs, crocodiles, sloths, macaws, jacanas, falcons, and a variety of other animals, birds, and reptiles amidst the lush tropical trees.

Tortugero National Park

Declared a national park in 1970 to protect the green turtle population of the world from extinction, this park is also a wildlife sanctuary for monkeys, jaguars, green macaws, tapirs, and a variety of other mammals, birds, and reptiles. This rainforest park has 11 different and varied ecological habitats that include coastal shrubs, swamps, and evergreen forests. The flora and fauna found here are the most diverse in the country.

Protecting over 22 miles of beach strip beginning from the mouth of the Tortuguero River south to Parisimina, the park is a key nesting area for leatherback sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles, and loggerhead sea turtles as well. A great way to see the turtles nest on a Costa Rica trip is from a boat, canoe, or by Tortuguero kayak tour. Please make sure not to disturb the turtles during their nesting or mating period.

Warm, humid, and rainy throughout the year, the best time to visit the Parque Nacional Tortuguero on your Costa Rica vacation is February, April, or November, which are the driest months.

Costa Rica Travel Tips (North Caribbean Coast)

When planning a Costa Rica vacation that includes the North Caribbean region, keep in mind that this part of the country gets plenty of rainfall; quite a bit more than say Costa Rica’s northern Pacific Coast. Rainy most days, the weather tends to improve slightly from December to April, which is Costa Rica’s dry season.

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