Nature and Environment

Nature and Environment

The biodiversity in terms of flora and fauna is as rich in Costa Rica as hardly anywhere else. In comparison with other countries, the country even scores very well in terms of the environment. A comparison even showed that Germany only came in 22nd place, while Costa Rica was much further ahead. Nature conservation is now a top priority in the country. The protected areas are extremely impressive in their diversity and number and no other country can compete in this point either.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy declared in 2003 that there were a total of 256 protected areas here. Around 25 percent of the country’s area is under protection. There are various classifications of the protected areas, ranging from a preliminary stage of protection to a national park.

Nature tourism is now very important in Costa Rica and so not only the individual travelers like to come here, but also ecotourists en masse. When Oscar Arias Sanchez was elected president in 2006, he also promised to declare war on environmental degradation in Costa Rica. Costa Rica takes a pioneering role in terms of environmental protection and has even made this a declared goal of the country’s development policy.

So far it seems to be working and there are more and more visitors to the country who are enthusiastic about pure environmental tourism. A vacation here can still take place at the highest level and anyone interested in animals and nature has come to the right place in Costa Rica. In many projects, the protection of nature should be implemented and there are always volunteer positions that are advertised and where something can be done for nature and the environment in Costa Rica.

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