Costa Rica hotels

Costa Rica hotels

The vacation in Costa Rica can either be spent in a hotel or a lodge. It is important to know that the Ministry of Tourism of Costa Rica has created a catalog with evaluation criteria, according to which the accommodations are rated with stars. Something like this is also known in this country, but the criteria differ from one another.

Hotels in Costa Rica can have a maximum of five stars, lodges can have a maximum of three stars. Simple accommodations are also offered, such as hostels or backpacker hostels. You should register in good time for an overnight stay, especially in the high season. In San José, for example, it is possible to find good accommodation for around eight euros. On the coasts, however, the prices are higher, but this again depends on the season. The accommodations in Costa Rica are not extremely cheap, which distinguishes them from the hostels in Nicaragua or Panama. A flat rate of around 20 US dollars per night should be estimated.

If you are looking for accommodation, you should find out about the reviews of the hotel or the lodge on the Internet before traveling. Hotels with 5 stars offer maximum comfort and meet European quality standards from air conditioning to bathroom fittings. But accommodations with only two stars can also be very good. Especially for individualists, there are some accommodations that are well worth using. Visit website for vacation rentals in Jaco Beach

It is advisable to book the room before the trip, especially in the high season. Anyone who is naive enough and only books the journey according to the motto “We will find the accommodation on site” can be badly disappointed. Things look different in the off-season when many hotels are not fully booked and the prices per room are also a bit cheaper. But keep in mind that than in most cases, not all tourism facilities can be used. The infrastructure is generally better in the high season than in the low season. But here too, the individual travelers have an advantage again.

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