Carara National Park

Carara National Park

This amazing National Park measures about 4700 hectares and is home to approximately 48% of Costa Rica´s aviary species.

Birdwatchers are interested in the Carara National Park because it presents two life zones and a variety of birds, including one of the largest remaining wild populations of Scarlet Macaw in Costa Rica.

Inside the Carara National Park, there are four trails. These trails are mild in difficulty level for hiking; mostly flat and enjoyable for all ages & abilities.

Meadrica´s Trail: One way in and out. With a lagoon in the middle that holds a good population of crocodiles, birds, iguanas, and more.

Sendero universal: This trail was designed to people with disabilities or people in wheelchairs, it is a loop, and this is a great trail to find Scarlet Macaws, monkeys, agoutis, coatis and rainforest frogs.

There are two more trails Quebrada Bonita and Arecaceae they offer a different perspective of Flora and fauna, and some parts of these trails the canopy strata can easily reach 140 feet and many of the trees found here are 400 years old or more, great for endemic or rare birds.

Pick up time: You tell us! (we recommend you the morning for birding).

Duration: ¾ of a day

Difficulty: Moderate

Minimum: 4 pax

Maximum: You tell us!

What to bring: Suntan lotion, camera, sunglasses, hiking shoes, bug spray.

Tours include: Transportation, bilingual guides, park entrance, water, and box lunch.

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