Living and working in Costa Rica

Living and working in Costa Rica

Costa Rica attracts many people not only as a holiday destination but also as a possible new home country. Great beaches, the Pacific and Atlantic, jungles, volcanoes, and other scenic features are something special that you can only get in abundance here in Costa Rica. Quite a few people, therefore, consider emigrating after a vacation in the country. In addition, Costa Rica is the only country that does not have an army, the money saved has flowed into the education system. A literacy rate of 97 percent has now been achieved.

There is a permanent visa, which is issued to citizens who have married a national or have a child with a Costa Rican. Those who have first degree relatives in Costa Rica can also get such a visa. For someone who wants to live and work in the country, things look different, because even top-class management positions are first filled with residents. There is an option to stay in the country for three years with the Rentista visa. During this time you are not allowed to work as an employee, and for the next five years, it is a monthly income of at least $ 1,000 – per person, of course. Employees cannot work with the Pensionado visa, which is intended for pensioners. Otherwise, older people are very welcome as consumers.

Overall, prices in Costa Rica have risen in recent years, but everyday items are still cheap. If you want to live and work in Costa Rica, you should definitely speak Spanish. Hardly anyone speaks English here and communication is otherwise very difficult. It is not easy to find good apartments. The prices for an apartment comparable to European standards are around $ 500. If you want to build a well-equipped house, you have to reckon with construction costs of around 800 to 1000 dollars per square meter.

If you are looking for a managerial position in Costa Rica, you can find out about the options available to you from an outplacement consultant. Many people are still in permanent employment but are either forced to look for a new position or want to do so for personal reasons. Outplacement consulting can help to find a new job that is suitable both privately and in terms of performance. It should be noted that many jobs are not even advertised, but can be found on the so-called hidden job market. The consultant helps to find such positions and to refer the applicant to them. This can be for a limited or unlimited period.

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