Costa Rica: flag and coat of arms

Costa Rica: flag and coat of arms

The coat of arms of Costa Rica has been around since October 21. 1964 and it is an official national coat of arms. At that point, the original 1906 coat of arms was reformed by adding two more stars to the previous five at the top of the coat of arms. The seven stars stand for the seven provinces that make up Costa Rica. In addition, two ships can be seen on the coat of arms, which are supposed to remind of the marine part of the country. The mountains represent the mountain ranges of Costa Rica, the Cordillera de Guanacaste, the Cordillera de Talamanca, and the Cordillera Central. Sunrises behind the sea that surrounds Costa Rica on the coat of arms. At the top of the edge of the sign is the official name of Costa Rica. There is a blue ribbon underneath that reads America Central.

The flag of Costa Rica consists of the stripes that meet a certain ratio (1: 1: 2: 1: 1). The flag emerged from the colors of the Confederation of Central America and is therefore shown in blue, white, and blue. The white is supposed to be the link between North and South America. The blue stripes stand for the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific. The flag of Costa Rica was first shown in September 1821, when it had two blue stripes to represent the oceans. There was still a yellow median here. Today’s flag, like the country’s coat of arms, has existed unchanged since 1964. Private persons are only allowed to decorate their houses with pennants and show the national colors on public holidays. This is regulated by law. The national flag without a coat of arms, on the other hand, can be used anywhere and everyone likes to do this everywhere. The national flag is actually the official trade flag, but that doesn’t bother the citizens. They use them anyway and with pride.

The national bird of Costa Rica is the yigüirro (Turdus craye).

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