Windsurfing Costa Rica

Windsurfing Costa Rica

Proper surfing is far more common in Costa Rica than windsurfing. There are simply fewer sections of the coast that are suitable for windsurfing, that’s the simple reason. One of the most famous places for windsurfers is the Arenal Sea. Strong to very strong winds blow here all year round. This inland water is therefore one of the best spots for windsurfers all over the world and visitors from all over the world come here to try out and test the waves.

There are sections that are well suited for beginners and those that can also really challenge a professional. In a surf school, beginners can learn the basics of windsurfing under supervision before starting their first attempts. If you want to go windsurfing on holiday, you should definitely travel near Lake Arenal. There is now a well-developed tourist infrastructure around the lake and the necessary equipment for sports can be rented here. But if you don’t want to commit yourself to the lake, you can also test the waves in the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean, whereby these place significantly higher demands on the ability of the surfer and are primarily visited by the “right” surfers.

So all in all, it is primarily the Arenal Sea that is visited by windsurfers, and that offers the best opportunities. The nice thing is that windsurfing is possible here at any time of the year and that surfers of all levels will find perfect conditions. Those who want to take on high waves can do this as well as someone who prefers the flat “waves” that actually do not meet any requirements. But for a beginner, such a small wave may seem high and the lake offers various possibilities for climbing so that everyone can get their money’s worth here.

The medals awarded at surf competitions in Costa Rica can be different. What they all have in common, however, is usually the imprint that provides information about which competition and on which date this medal was awarded. It is therefore important to know the exact date of the competition when commissioning the engraving so that there are no embarrassing breakdowns afterward. Medals come in different versions, large, small, subtle, or rather pompous. Here the organizer has the choice of which medals he would like to award and with which variant he wants to be remembered.

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