Southern Costa Rica Surf Adventures

Streaming waterfalls, hilltops piled with jungle, soft white sand, dazzling warm blue-green water, coasts that generate fantastic breaks and swells for the avid surfer. There can only be one place that fits this description…Costa Rica! Costa Rica beaches are renowned for their fantastic world-class Costa Rica surfing all year long. Both of Costa Rica’s coastlines have become a haven for serious surfers from all over the world. Costa Rica surfing tours will furnish the equipment for you to experience riding a “big wave” on one of Costa Rica’s coastlines. A Costa Rica surfing tour vacation will provide you with many things to do in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s beaches rank at the top of the list for the best beaches in the world because of Costa Rica’s sandbars, reefs, rock points spits, and other breakers that generate waves that is an avid surfer’s dream. Along with its limitless attractions spanning two coasts, Costa Rica has become a favorite vacation spot for many tourists all over the world. Two thirds of Costa Rica’s borders are coastline, so there are a whole lot of beaches to explore. With over 300 beaches to choose from in Costa Rica, planning a Costa Rica surfing vacation may be perplexing, so let us help you get started in planning your next Costa Rica surfing vacation!
Listed below are just a few of the best Costa Rica surfing beaches.

Caribbean Sea
Manzanillo – a very fast beach break.
Puerto Viejo – a very thick and voluminous wave that comes from deep water onto a shallow reef
Black Beach – an excellent beach break, not well known, and therefore not heavily visited.
Westfalia – offers lefts and rights that tend to close out where the swell gets too big.
Playa Bonita – a point/reef break known for its very thick, powerful, and dangerous left.

Pacific Ocean
Mal Pais Beach – breaks, with very consistent lefts and rights and several points.
Potrero Grande – a right point break, with very fast and hollow waves.
Playa Jaco – can be a good beach break when the surf is not too big, tends to close out when it gets over 5 feet.
Playa Dominical – good, strong beach break with lefts and rights. Beautiful landscapes and very tropical.
Playita – Manuel Antonio Beach – break, lefts, and rights with good shape. This coastal area needs a larger swell for the surf to show.

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