Where to Surf

Surfing in Costa Rica

Surfing has a long tradition in Costa Rica and more and more fans of the sport are discovering the surf spots here. Costa Rica can no longer really be called an insider tip. Fantastic conditions for surfing can be found on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and you can surf here at any time of the year. Between October and December, the waters of the Atlantic can be recommended. Professional and semi-professional surfers meet again and again in the city of Jacó, which seems a bit like a city in California. Nearby is Playa Hermosa, a beach with great surf. The waves are not very high, but they come in quick succession and are a challenge even for advanced riders. The Atlantic coast has its nasty spots for surfing, such as Salsa Brava or the reef around Isla Uvita, which is about 700 meters from Puerto Limón.

A good surf spot in the Caribbean is Playa Negra. Playa de Puerto Viejo y Cocles is also a good place to surf. There are also wonderful surf spots in the South Pacific and around the Osa Peninsula. Playa Pavones is known worldwide. Here there is the left wave, which is around one kilometer long and the second-longest continuous wave that exists in the world. Playa Carate, which is located in the Corcovado National Park and is not that easy to get to, is ideal for surfing. Playa Dominical is particularly suitable for beginners. In the Central Pacific, there are great surf spots at Playa Manuel Antonio and in Quepos, on the Nicoya Peninsula and in Guanacaste, fans of the sport will also be happy. Experienced surfers appreciate Playa Avellanas, Playa Tamarindo is more suitable for beginners. It is essential to mention Witch’s Rock near Playa Naranjo with the breakers of up to three meters high.

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